So You Want to be an Esthetician? | Pros + Cons

June 1, 2017

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Do you love makeup, skincare, and making people feel great? If so, maybe being an Esthetician is for you! It doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of high school, looking to change careers, or have been a stay at home mom and looking to get back into working in an industry you love. No matter what your circumstance is, there is no time like now to do something life changing to better yourself! Before you get too ahead of yourself, here are some Pros and Cons to being an Esthetician. 

I know, I’m fresh out of beauty school and haven’t yet started working in my field of career choice so how could I know the pros and cons? While I was in school, I did a lot more in depth research into my career field choice. I’ll admit, some of the information got me down and it would have been a smart idea to look into that information before I started school. That being said, I still would have chosen this career field and after finishing school, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

So first let’s talk about schooling. The cost of school can seem pricey but it is less than what you would pay at university and you will be done much quicker. Price wise, you are likely looking at upwards of $10k and 4-6 months of schooling. S-ca-bbc-1.jpgI live in California so the requirements to receive an Esthetician license in this state include:

  • Complete 600 hours of training at a State Board approved school (see list here)
  • Pass the State Board Written + Practical Exam (more information here)

Seems pretty simple, right? I think it is. As long as you complete 600 hours at one of the approved schools and pass the exam, you’ll be on your way to being an esthetician! If you live in a different state, research the requirements for that state. Here is a page with more information License Requirements. It does say cosmetology, however, when you click on your state, it does tell you how many hours are required for an Esthetician. You can also google your State’s board of cosmetology to get more information.

Now time to get to the Pros and Cons!

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  • Rewarding – you get to make clients feel great about themselves!
  • Flexible Scheduling – most companies have very flexible schedules and if you work for yourself, you make your own schedule!
  • Opportunities to advance your education – there are so many add on services you can be certified in and can offer your clients. Lash Extension and Microblading are very popular!
  • Pay – Some places pay salary or commission, and sometimes both.
  • So many options – the employment options for an esthetician are endless, sort of. You can work at a spa, salon, medical office, cruise lines, destination spas, or department stores.IG_Quote.jpg
  • Freedom of expression – While in school, it was said to me that “Estheticians should not have colored hair, tattoos, or body piercings.” I completely disagree with this as I have both tattoos and piercings and have gone through many colored hair phases. We are in the beauty industry! We should be allowed to express ourselves in any way we feel. Thankfully, many places are more accepting of this philosophy and see it as art. There are a few exceptions so check with the employer on what their policy is.



  • Competition – this is a growing industry and in every industry there will always be competition.
  • Scheduling – Although scheduling can be very flexible. You will likely be working nights, weekends, and holidays (Valentine’s and Mother’s day for example). This isn’t really a con for me but it can be for some people.d95be9fb3ffb130c691b9ba6005eef0f--salon-quotes-hair-quotes.jpg
  • Pay – Yes, I know it was on the Pros list. However, it can also be a con. If you are paid on commission but have no clients – you don’t get paid. Either you want to work hard and hustle to make money – or you don’t. For that reason, it’s a con.
  • You may not last more than 2 years – this one got me down. I couldn’t see myself choosing a different career after only two years. But for some, that is reality.


I’m sure there are some that I missed but these are the common ones that I saw while researching. This career path might not be for everyone but if you love making other people feel great, have a passion for makeup and skincare, this could be the choice for you.

Let me know in the comments what you think! Do you know some pros or cons that I missed?


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    I met you at Danny’s blog party. I blog over at Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I blog about. I also host blog parties like Danny.
    In response to what you wrote:
    I am not an aesthetician, but I go to aestheticians and I have for many years.
    I never thought of the competition; thank you for telling me they don’t have it easy; I thought they did.

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